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The Native American Literature Symposium Aftermath

As I had posted on an earlier blog, I read at the NALS this year along with a handful of IAIA students, and I have to say the group of us did very good.  We recieved a lot of praise after the reading and we sold a lot of chapbooks of our work at the symposium, as well.  I read an excerpt of a short story that I had recently written, entitled:  Somewhere No God.  Most of the readers were poets, so they read a handful of poems.

 The topics at the symposuim were interesting, but the most interesting session I attended was about the murder of Annie Mae, who was a female AIM member.  There is a contraversy surrounding her death becauase the AIM camp says that the FBI committed the murder, while this particular session focused on AIM members behind the murder.  It was very interesting and I enjoyed the session.

On Friday we had a traditional Pueblo feast, with all the foods that come with it, and it was a great dinner.  Since my fiance is Pueblo I eat this food often, but it is food you can never grow tired of.

I was unable to attend the Saturday sessions because I had to work, but Leslie Marmon Silko did a reading and according to my peers it was a great reading.  I met Simon Ortiz while I was there, my instructor Evelina Zuni Lucero introduced us and that was great.

Overall it was interesting to hear the various prespctives at the NALS this year, some I agreed with and some I did not.  They had a great mix of topics from stereotypes to gender issues and all was provocative to hear.