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non feminist voices Monica Dickens Woman’s Own march 8th 1956 p. 28


Non feminist voices- Monica Dicken


In response to a letter of a reader who feels insecure about staying at home and be a model to her children  the novelist Monica Dikens (an agony aunt) writes on the issue of  women’s work

Woman’s Own Monica Dickens march 8th 1956 p. 28

Would [the children] tire of her as they grew older, and wish that they had a mother who was a more stimulating person because she had a wider experience?

As a writer, I have my own work, but it is work that can be done at home, and if it ever involved going away from my family, I would probably give up the work.

Even in the unlikely even of being asked to go to Hollywood to write a film script, I think I should turn down the offer, if it meant leaving my family behind. 

. . . if you are a young girl living at home, I wonder what you will think about this. Would you prefer your mother to be always at home, looking after you and the others , or do you think you would find her more interesting if she went out and gleaned a whole lot of new ideas and connections that had nothing to do with you?

I think I know what most girls would say. If your mother was not there when you came home from school or work , waiting with food, and praise  or sympathy  or laughter for the events of your day, something would be wrong.

Her Gift is supreme

You might be a little proud if she was a successful business woman, chic, poised and wordly wise; but you are more proud of an unselfish, devoted Mum, who knows, and no one else can, how to make you and the rest of the family safe and secure.