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Ars Poetica: "Surely You Remember" Dahlia Ravikovitch

This poem approaches the creative process in a visual and intimate way. The poem is about her work, she is alone which is necessary for her writing, but she the speaker uses both the "I" and the "you" in a masculine form.  They are both involved in the creative process in which "you'd  become a pure crystal. Afterwards there will be love."

Dahlia Ravikovitch from The Third Book

Surely you Remember translated by Orna Raz



After they are all gone

I stay alone with the poems,

some are my poems

and some are others'.

Poems written by others I like more.

I stay quietly

and the lump in the throat is relaxed.

I stay

sometimes I’d like them all to go away.

Perhaps it is pleasing to write poems

the walls grow taller.

The colors grow bolder.

A blue scarf turns into a deep well.

You want them all to go away.

You do not know what comes over you.

Perhaps you’d think of two things or more.

Later it will all pass and you'd become a pure crystal.

Afterwards there will be love.

Narcissus loved himself so.

Only a fool doesn’t see that he also loved the river.

You sit alone.

Your heart aches but it won’t break.

Slowly the fading figures are erased.

Later the blemishes too.

Later the sun comes out at midnight.

You remember the dark flowers too.

You wished you were dead or alive or someone else.

Perhaps there is a country that you love.

Perhaps one word.

You surely remember.

Only a fool lets the sun set as it wishes.

It always wander early to the islands.

Sun and moon, summer and winter will come forth to you.

Endless treasures.


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Thank you for this post. I like good poems about poems. :-)

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Thank you for writing dear

Thank you for writing dear Kim I am glad you like Dahlia Ravikovitch. I always wonder how she is perceived in English.