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Kanye West, Matt Lauer and George Bush: What's the Real issue

   After Kanye West's interview with the illustrious Matt Lauer many people are simply writing off his words and actions as, "Uh Oh, there he goes again.", without looking carefully at the whole story. Kanye West gas now pulled out of a concert he was going to do in conjunction with "Today" show. I think if look at this incident simply as artist out of control because he didn't get his way you over simplify the situation greatly. However, I think there is more to it that needs demands more analysis of all parties involved.


     It all began with Lauer's interview of former President Bush. In particular former President Bush said that he was disgusted by the comment Kanye West made on MTV, now famous, "President Bush doesn't like black people." Bush now says this was the lowest point for him in his career. Really? When you look at eight years of his Presidency you have the voter irregularities that lead to his first election. Then there is the 9-11 attack in New York that still shrouded in a great deal in mystery and miss information and whether or not the buildings collapsed as a result of the bombing or other reason. Oh yeah there is the second war in Iraq, propagated by lies of WMDs and then there is the mishandling of Katrina natural disaster and last the melt down of the financial system and the housing market under his watch. I may not have captured them all but I think I hit the big points. Now to say after ALL this, that what  Kayne West said about him was the worst thing in his two terms is just....laughable. I think Bush was in some small way trying to win some sympathy from the black community by saying look I do like you people, look at Condi and Powell...news flash real black folks DO NOT see them as a part of the community.


  I think Matt Lauer should have pinned Bush down on these issues more vehemently as a journalist that is supposed to have some sense of integrity. To challenge Bush's commentary of his own failed presidency and the major ways he completely failed as a leader of the so called free world. To lie about why you are going to war with a dictator the US government doesn't like (despite the fact he was supported earlier by the US government when Bush senior was over running the CIA.) in search of oil. How is this the actions of a "good Christian man", I've heard too many black and white people categorize him as. Matt Lauer did not mention the tons of declassified papers that point to a cover up of information concerning how Bush's regime handled the war. Not to mention how "terrorist" gained access to the planes they ran in the towers in NY. How they blatantly ignore the intel former President Clinton left about the Taliban and the possibility of an attack on this country. And last but not least by any means, the Army Corps of Engineers recommendations concerning not only the levees in Louisiana, but the literal scores of levees that are old and have a strong potential of failing under severe conditions. Yet, Kanye West's words, ""President Bush doesn't like black people." is the lowest point. This just shows is utter lack of connection to reality and to what's really important to the American people and what is considered to be just in any reasonable persons mind. Which only shows to me that he has none of the aforementioned qualities. Matt Lauer failed miserable to really ask the important questions and to get Bush to own up to his utter failure as a leader. The focus was skewed for sensationalism and not a real examination of the facts of this spin campaign Bush is on to soften mistakes of his eight years in office.

   Kanye West, what can I say. He is a talented black artist and producer which his work speaks for itself. Who unlike so many black artists, sports figures, actors, etc seem to stand for nothing nor speak out against any social injustices as in former years black artist during the Civil Rights movement were known to do. So, I applauded when he had something to say about Bush's mishandling of the pre- and post- Katrina hurricane issues.  In this instance I do think he was correct. I look at the words of Bush mother, Barbara Bush who said,


  • "Almost everyone I've talked to says 'we're going to move to Houston'," Mrs Bush said in a radio interview after visiting evacuees at the Astrodome with her husband, former president George Bush. "What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas.  "Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. "And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this -- this is working very well for them."


So it makes me wonder how much of Bush's mother's attitudes toward black people rubbed off on him and affected his mishandling of the situation.  As far as the Taylor Swift incident goes, it was ill timed but the validity of his point was not lost on me. It is a fact the all major forms of American music were borne in the African-American community and the best purveyors of these form have been African-American as well. The forms I look at are Blues, Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, and Hip-hop (of course there is Soul and R&B) which have gone on to influence the music world wide. So when he made the point by interrupting Taylor Swift was a way of saying that here we have another black artist (Beyonce) being overshadowed by the mediocrity of a pop artist. Pop music itself is no more than as watering down of R&B and Soul to make it more mainstream and acceptable to white American artist. Mush like white artist who took blues songs change the tempo and resold them as "new"  Rock-n-Roll songs. I do agree that the timing of his comments were ill advised but  not completely random or off base. Kanye should stand by his words but admit only that is SOME instances they are not at the most appropriate time. However, he is not a young twenty something anymore but an adult who can and should make better decision on what he says and does. In his case as a black male everything he says does will be scrutinized by the mainstream media unlike his white male counterparts like George W. Bush. These are just my thoughts and anylsis, and I am sure others have theirs.