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You Serve as the Model
By The Window

You Serve as the Model

(for Bilal, Karl & Neville)


being a father is

neither an occupation

nor an obligation

for you

it is the way you

see yourself

in relation to your progeny

your friends - life

it is the man that you

have grown yourself

to be

not just authoritarian


but a listener

who bridges responsibility

with understanding

your voice carries weight

but your heart leans in

to listen and know

that your road is but one

of many

you are a long-distance

runner going all the way

for your children

no matter their choices

or mistakes

you remember your own

foibles which allow

for generosity

and hindsight

so you serve as model

and guide allowing

your bigger self

to direct all your


and permitting

unconditional love

to be your measure

of a man






Happy Father’s Day

Opal Palmer Adisa