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Opal Palmer Adisa's Books

4-Headed Woman
  A poetry collection in 4 sections that explores the multiple conditons women have to juggle in a give day and throughout thier life time. Through plants and food, through menses, through madness and bathroom graffitti, Adisa deflty explores the intriciases of women's lives  
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Caribbean Erotic is a revealing, wide-ranging and in-depth exploration of the many facets of the erotic in contemporary Caribbean literature. It includes poetry, short fiction and critical essays; work that celebrates desire, work that depicts realistically the psychology of, for instance, a woman whose desperate wish is that her abusive husband still desires her, and work that...
Fiction. African American Studies. BAKE-FACE AND OTHER GUAVA STORIES is the first title in Mango Publishing's new Classic Series, which will bring back into print tried and tested quality fi ction with an international reputation. This established collection is made up of four Jamaican stories: `Bake-Face', `Duppy Get Her', `Me Man Angel' and `Widow's Walk'. Adisa won the 1987...
his novel is set in the stone-breaking harshness of South Africa's island prison. Bekimpi, an imprisoned leader of Poko, a branch of the resistance, is stoic under torture but his body finally gives up. This has the power of Solzhenitsyn's writing. Kristoff village, in the heart of rural Jamaica, is a peaceful home where everyone looks out for each other. Then Monica comes home....
Each piece in this dynamic poetic biography uses the voices of iconic figures past and present in a bold exploration of such hot topics as gender, race, and spirituality. The mode of presentation continually shifts—from dramatic monologue or prose poem, to prophetic rant—to provide fresh, moving viewpoints on subjects as various as the senility of a beloved grandmother and Michael...
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The stories in this collection move the heart and the head. They are told by an old Jamaican woman about the community that has grown up around her, the villages first inhabitant. They concern the mystery that is men: men of beauty who are as lilies of the field, men who are afraid of and despise women, brutal men who prey on women, men who are searching for their feminine side,...
This feisty and sensuous collection of poetry includes powerful poems about the solidarity of women, the female elders of the poet's own family, and the desire for male difference. In these poems there is no gap between the historical, the political, and the personal, all are defined by the presence or absence of the freedom to enjoy the fruits of life. Whether writing about...