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Wrapped in the Arms of Nature


Sometimes I am alone in the ocean, and as far as I san see there is only me and the immense blue sea and I am grateful, grateful for the soothing waters, grateful for the waves, grateful for the immense variety and depth of blues, grateful that Yemoja made that journey with my enslaved ancestors for Africa to the New World.  Gratitude sits in my heart and tickles me.


I have never been far from Nature and cannot and do not want to imagine living in a sterile environment or a place void of trees and natural bodies of water.  I need to see the never-ending, guileless and wildly tame ocean, I need to smell the raw salty foam; I need to hear the gently lapping or furious splashing.  I need the sea.  I need the sea.  Oh sea I need you to live, to feel alive to have meaning in my life, to bathe and soothe my body, to buoy and make me remember all that is possible, all that is good, to teach me love and reciprocity. 


Nature is my healer, medicine, lover and friend, as well as my confidant and source of inspiration. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or fatigued all I need to do is go for a long, leisurely walk along the beach or trek through the rainforest or densely vegetated area, or sit under a tree and study the Blue Mountains, or lay on my back and drift with the clouds, or take off my clothes and allow the wind to lick my body or dig into the earth and plant thyme and herbs, something,anything and soon whatever ails me will be released and I will be whole again.


When I have an upset stomach, I pick fresh mint and make myself a cup of tea, for stomach ache, I find and boil some cerase or fennel or lemon grass or guava leaves if I have a rash, whatever ails me there is a bush, some type of shrub or leaf that will cure my symptoms. I do not need to go to a doctor as long as I study and consult nature, all the medicine I need is available, free without artificial colors or preservatives.


Sitting silently among the trees or at the ocean I can hear my own thoughts, and I come to know what true friendship is, the tree that hugs me back, the grass that tickles my feet, the bird that coos to me, the lizard that observes me, the horse that snorts, the goats that scatter and chickens that flutter, all these creatures teach and guide me about being my own friend and which people to let into my personal space.


When I am afraid and doubtful, whenever I feel unsure about some major or minor decision I need to make, I go to nature, usually a walk on the beach helps and always I am guided to make the right decision.  I know from knowing.  I know from listening.  I know because nature, all the elements teach me trust and right seeing and patience and belief in self.


Nature is not out there separate from me.  Nature lives in me as much as I live in it, that is why I can never live in an apartment or urban city.  I need to wake to the bird’s shrill, I need to see the clouds and trees when I open my eyes, I need the moon to dance over my body as I sleep through my un-curtained window, I need to feel sand under my feet, I need to dash my body into the ocean and know the salty foam will keep me afloat, I need the sun and the birds and the lizards and the critters and all the other aspects of nature that says yes to me, the mango trees now in bloom, the butter yellow Poui, the Bougainvillea, life, colors, music and the myriad art of nature.


Yes! Yes! I am yours, Nature, so please continue to wrap me in your arms.