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Harmony & Balance, The Other Side of Death & Taxes



Once we are clear the fear and confusion we experience in our life disappears, or even if these things are still present, they no longer whack us like a whip


Clarity like death is decisive.

Clarity like taxes is guaranteed.

Clarity like the living on the earth is our birthright.



The moment we are born, is also the moment that announces that we will die.  While some do not believe in destiny or fate or reincarnation or hell, we all know that as long as we live, we will also die.

I find that very comforting.

I find it very consoling that I don’t know when that will happen; I just ask that I am ready.

I imagine death to be as lovely as the life I have mostly enjoyed. Perhaps it is just another journey, not so different from the life I have been living.

Maybe in my next life I will be a panther or a Blue Jay, or a Singer or a Mermaid who lives under the watery ocean. 

Most of the experiences, both good and bad, that have happened to me, I could not have predicted.

The things that thrill my heart: a beautiful setting- flowers in splendid colors, a pond with lilies, a humming bird, flitting in place, butterflies, a stunning sun-set, the face and laughter of my children, the caress of a man.  How could I have known?

What do I know?


Each day I know less, but my life is blessed and more beautiful…I think I am finally learning to surrender and am understanding that I don’t  have to make anything happen – which I have never been able to do anyway.  All of this is possible because my death is the constant companion, the friend, the guide, the motivator, the intimate twin.


I have never lived in a place that was not an organized community with a governing body.  I have on occasion fancied that I might like to live in such a manner.  But I love people, love sharing with people, love the sense of a village, and understand the cost of that.  Organized settings with rules and laws, and systems to support many, if not everyone who are a part of such as society, comes at a cost.  This is only achieved through some form of taxes.

Clarity is knowing that everything comes at a cost.

Clarity is being willing to yield for the greater good.

Clarity is accepting, regardless of how imperfect, a system of government that supports law and order.

Clarity is paying taxes for roads, medical care, schools, etc.


Of course, I am extremely frustrated that far too much of my taxes go to war.  Why are we in Libya?  Why are we still imposing an embargo on Cuba? Why have we not done more to help the Haitian people, the Sudanese, children who are abused, who cannot afford a good education, young men of color who are being directed to the new slave-system, prisons? 

I don’t want my taxes going to these things. 

I do want to have more say about how my money is allocated and for what.  But, also, I want the other things that my taxes afford.


I don’t ask the sky to not be blue.  I don‘t ask the sun to not shine.  I don’t ask the ocean to not be wet and soothing.

I ask and accept love in my life.  I ask and accept creativity and writing in my life.  I ask and accept my smart and amazing children in my life.  I ask and welcome life. 

Since it appears that in order to have all of these things I have to submit to death and taxes, I accept both with gratitude.