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I went out to the woodshed to fill the wood boxes this afternoon. Before I came back inside I stood outside in the woodshed and looked around the property. The birds were singing their hearts out and the leaves were falling quite thickly across the top of the woodshed and down in front of me. I...
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A Recipe for Life 23 April was my youngest daughter’s 16th birthday celebrations, and I was once again challenged to find suitable food to serve to hungry teenagers.  This group is quite an eclectic mix of cultures and life choices.  Out of respect for one group I could not serve anything with pork...
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In a recent conversation with my hubby, as always The Master comes through with words of wisdom that pour from my mouth and I am left to ponder them for sometime afterwards.  These pearls of wisdom are usually accompanied by clues from outside sources and this was no exception. I was talking to Jon...
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Splash Gold by G & A Scholiers
Hello to all fellow spiritual travellers, Jon and I and our family extend to you and your family, our heartfelt love as we traverse this difficult and perplexing time following not one but two major earthquakes here in Canterbury New Zealand. We live in Tuahiwi in North Canterbury thus we were on...
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