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My Private Constellations

To My Beloved Husband

Happy 15th Valentine's Day!


My Private Constellations


cruising from the erupting joy to the heaps of blue, passion to unspoken gloomy negligence

and clockwise while I am being caught by the paralysis at an attempt

to cuddle up to the sharp star blades of the genuine flame, shut them within the chilled entrails

and meantime too daring girl's wish is not to be consummated


my childish perception of time impatience adds up to the gallery of oddities no Glutton Eye plans to steal

once swift then lazy till I become anything-proof except my private constellations

and there are no spells to cast, make it intact and standstill


no meandering thought nor thing may slip through that wouldn't bind to them

though the essence of time permeability feels no tight and so dreadfully unkind


unreachable and, gosh, how bright are the fairies' twinkling hairs

my valentine's yell-ow-tinted eyes with which are studded my day and night

my private revelations, Jewels I Am Not Able to weigh


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the poem's background

I wish I could procure the Polish version that my husband could read it one day. This particular piece I made up entirely in English from the very start.

Olga Katarzyna Lachowska