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There are Hyenas in Our World

I once watched a documentary, where i saw a lion struggling so hard to lay hold on his prey. After getting it, he and his family settled down for their breakfast.Then come the uninvited guests, the hyenas, battling with them to get part of their meal.Such is the life of the hyenas.

    Today, in our world, in every place, even in the place you least expect, among the old and the young, even the children, we can find people who sit around doing nothing, but to enrich their status, finances or lives generally, from the sweat of others.These are the hyenas in our world.They do not face the daily ups and downs work brings.The energy that work requires, they do not give, but they are ready to part with the enjoyment it offers.

     The lions work days and nights to have their meals, and to look good.They also contribute immensely in organisations that they are found.Some contribute to the world still, where man no longer thinks of contributing, but receiving from.With all these good images they are creating, there are hyenas at their tails, who will not let them enjoy the fruits of their labours.

     How can the lions be free from these hyenas.Here is when  the law is needed.The judge of the great and small of the society.The protector of the weak, small and the innocent.The law!, the law!, it has not done badly at all, but it is not perfect. In the face of the law, there are times when the guilty ones are set free, and the innocent ones are  sentenced. Who then can save the lions from these hyenas, who are unchangeable, for it seems they are born so.Only God can   save, who is overall and still rules in the kingdom of man.The only perfect Judge.