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More Hating (Along with Some Love)

It seems my article about hate in America stirred people up at AOL as well as here at Red Room. Here is their follow up post of the letters to the editor that came to them.

I particularly love the last for comic effect.

On a serious note, Brian Erickson’s letter makes a good point about how strong emotion, hate and otherwise, can be necessary for important change. His example, the hate of King George leading to the founding of the US, I think further exemplifies the challenges I was describing in our current climate.

The hate of King George was used to rouse a revolution based on some of the most brilliant political thinking of that or any generation. The hate of the pundits is being used to raise TV ratings, egos, and money.

I see no higher purpose in today’s hate. I hear no grand solutions coming from those fomenting the hate. Their brilliance lies not in their vision of building something great, but in their ability to manipulate their audiences to fear more and more people and groups and to hate those whom they fear.