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Ask for It

I was walking through the airport in Milwaukee during a layover and the shoe shine guy calls out to me, “Can’t close a deal with them dirty heals. Only takes 5 minutes.”

I wanted to grab a bite. So I kept walking.

After eating I walked back past the stand and his partner calls out, “Can’t be at your best when your shoes look a mess. Only takes 5 minutes.”

Second time was the charm.

There is a 0% chance I would have stopped if they hadn’t asked for the sale, if they hadn’t invited me to try their product. But by asking, they got what they wanted.

While getting the shine they also shared these lines they use:

Can’t board the plane with your shoes a shame.

Can’t take the missus out dining when your shoes aren’t shining.

And their final piece of wisdom: A closed mouth don’t get fed.

So don’t be shy. Have fun with your request. Be engaging. Smile. But most important, just ask.