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3 Questions

3 questions.

  • How was your day?
  • What was the best part of your day?
  • What are you planning for tomorrow?


  • What are you working on?
  • What is exciting to you about it?
  • How can I help?

One exercise I occasionally ask my coaching clients to go through is the “3 Questions” exercise. For 24 hours, their challenge is to begin every single conversation with 3 questions. Before they are allowed to offer a single opinion or comment or idea, they have to ask the other person 3 questions.

If the other person beats them to it and asks them a question. They are to deflect it and ask their own questions.

In a world where many of us have been trained to speak, to get our ideas out, to be focused on ourselves, this challenge represents a seismic shift. My clients tell me the effects are profound at work, but the biggest impact is at home, with spouses and kids.

Try it. 24 hours. 3 questions. Every conversation. Let me know how it goes.