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have you ever thought of a day that belongs solely to you?a day you start with your wishes, with your feelings;a day with no restrictions, no fear of the future, no regrets from the past?have you ever lived such a day?i did.i know many a moments when i have laughed at myself and laughed at the world.i have lived many a moments that i gave to you with you thinking i'm depressed again, without you knowing it was all but a share of my day i was whole heartedly offering you.i have cried like a baby, knowing that somewhere my wishes are too utopian for you.but those were the tears i offered you wholeheartedly.those were a share of my heart.i gave it all to you, knowing you'll think me to be clingy and needy.but that was a share of my life that i gave you wholeheartedly.shame me if you wish,insult me if you wish,bruise me if you wish.i know no shame.i know no regret.i know no fear.i am that that loves through the highs and lows.i am that that dies the lives and lives the deaths.i am that that breathes through lives and deaths.i am that that prays through the mutterings.i am that that blesses through the silence.i am that which offers itself to you.