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Reading the paper, an article catches my eye: A best-selling author has decided to turn all of his out-of-print books into e-books. The idea is dizzying, the ramifications stunning. Is it possible that dead books can be resurrected, their spirits shape-shifted by the technological forces of...
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Children of Guerrero cover
                In 1988 I wrote a novel about Mexico, Maximilian's Garden.  My agent sold it to a publisher  and shortly thereafter the acquiring editor left to go back to her old job as a journalist.  The book, abandoned by its shepherd, became that most dreaded of objects, an orphan, passed from...
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Esther, more diminutive than I remembered from the night before, is at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette, waving away smooth gusts of smoke with nicotine-stained fingers. She stands up and gives me a kiss. “Did you sleep well?” she asks. “Yes,” I lie. I wore two sweaters and a blazer to bed...
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Guest Post with Nina Vida Today, I would like to thank Nina Vida, author of The Texicans, for stopping by and talking with us about the questions she is asked as an author. Her website is NinaVida.com, where you can find out more about her books, her upcoming work and her blog on writing. You...
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A few weeks before Thanksgiving I got a telephone call from a producer who had optioned one of my screenplays. He wanted to know if I knew much about the writer, Isaac Bashevis Singer. I told him I knew that Singer was a Polish Jew who wrote in Yiddish, that he had won the Nobel Prize for...
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Until two months ago, my desk, computer, books, the hummingbird that perches on the tree outside my window and waits for my husband and me to join him in the afternoon so he can buzz our cheeks and nose and chin were the fill of my days. My little kingdom. My ivory tower. My husband and I and our...
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The publishing world is in a muddle.  Celebrities write "fiction" and get hefty advances while good books go unpublished and editorial staffs are pared and the phone doesn't ring in agents' offices.  "Are you still writing?" friends ask me. "Of course," I reply. I...
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In 2006 my novel THE TEXICANS was published. The Texas Monitor judged it one of the two best novels of the year. THE TEXICANS was written in my home office in sunny California, absolutely no threat of death hanging over me while I was writing it. The other novel, SUITE FRANCAISE by Irene Nemirovsky...
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