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From Workouts to Walking: How Pregnancy Slowed Me Down

You want this baby. At 40-something, your clock has about three minutes to go. It's a boy, a healthy, everything-looks-normal boy.

Seven years ago, you were indoctrinated into the world of boys. Who would have thought one of your deepest and most profound relationships would be with someone who guzzles glasses of chocolate milk and devours goldfish crackers by the handful?

Through the grainy gray blur of the ultrasound, you see this new boy's hand. All five fingers reaching out through the watery murk, as if to say, "Hello, what's for dinner?"

Ob gyn: "Sacrifices will have to be made."

You: "All right."

Ob-gyn: (in a serious tone) "When you exercise, the blood flow shifts to your muscles, lungs and heart, away from your internal organs, and that means your uterus. If you exercise too strenuously, you can restrict oxygen from your uterus."

You: (nodding)

Your husband: (a stern look on his face) "Are you listening to this?"


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