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Favorite Books

How do I love them?
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What I'm Reading

Last Exit Ian Rankin...okay
Underground Don DeLillo...massive
Cold Mountain Charles Frazier...exquisist
The Moon Tunnel Jim Kelly...atmospheric who-dun-it
When Will there Be Good News? Kate Atkinson...just about to start this

Favorite Authors

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The two outstanding modern authors for me are Kazuo Ishiguro and Sarah Waters The first for his ability to see around the corners of writing and the second for her fantastic attention to detail - and her twists in the tail, of course. I think Ian McEwan is a great writer too, with a fantastic output. But I pay hommage to Iris Murdoch and Tolkien, and to the great Victorian storytellers. Of course, but, as a writer of children's stories, I have to mention the much maligned (by writers) JK Rowling. To sustain a complex plot with so many hightly individulized characters for so many thousands of words is a great feat.