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Why Don't You Promote Yourself and Your Writing?

More often than not, the clients who hire me to help them with their book proposals have plenty of passion about their subjects and projects. They may even feel a deep sense of purpose and determination. They really want to finish their books and get them published.

Yet, most of them have not spent enough time--or any time--building an author's platform. Therefore, that section of their proposal remains empty.

This means they haven't promoted themselves or their writing.

Aspiring authors' ability--or rather willingness--to promote themselves and their work can mean the difference between getting a publishing contract or a rejection letter from a publisher or between producing a successful or an unsuccessful self-published book. Great and continuous promotion leads to readers. Readers equate to success.

Most writers offer me the same answer when I ask them why they won't promote themselves or their work: I don't want to do that business stuff; I just want to write.

They want nothing to do with this activity. In fact, some even refuse to take part in "self-promotion" even though it means the difference between successful or unsuccessful publication attempts. They'd rather remain writers rather than authors before they promote themselves and their writing.

I think these writers must have more reasons...maybe they have fears?

So, tell me: Why don't you like to promote yourself? What stops you from building an author's platform?

Please leave your comments here so I can better understand and address the issues you face and help you reach your goals as writers.

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Good post. Speaking as a

Good post.

Speaking as a comics artist, many of us don't do it because we're the opposite of business minds. We can do what businesspeople can't do, and vice versa. I think there may be a feeling that if you get too commercial, you lose a bit of your artistic integrity. This line of thinking keeps the spirit pure, but don't buy the baby a new pair of shoes! A lot of people who do comics are also a bit introverted; it's one of the reasons they got into comics in the first place. Introversion, shyness, modesty don't help when it comes to self-promotion. Lastly, comics, alas, doesn't have the same level of prestige as prose in the minds of the buying public in general. Not everyone in comics is like this. There are exceptions.

As for me, I want to do more self-promotion and am in the process of searching for a good book on the topic. I've tried a few approaches but I could do better. My new book is on the shelves now, just came out. When my first and second came out, I did plenty of interviews for it but not this time. The comics landscape's changed in the past few years.

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Most writers aren't businesspeople

You are right. Most writers don't see themselves as business people, and that's why they don't promote themselves. They don't want to become businesspeople. And they do see this as a commercialization of their art. However, their art won't sell unless they see it as a business. They must wear both a business and an artist/writer hat...or hire someone to do the business part for them.