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Who can Blog? Who can Blog a Book?

Anyone can blog or become a blogger. No one and nothing stops you from opening a free (Yes, free.) account with a site like Wordpress.com or Blogger.com a beginning to blog.

For the purposes of this blogged book, here's the more important question: Who can blog a book? Not just anyone.

To blog a whole book you must have the ability to write a whole book. This entails being able to conceptualize a complete book, organize the book and carry out the concept from start to finish—in this case in short, targeted posts written—and published on the Internet—on a regular basis.

Anyone who can write and has writing worth reading can blog. (Actually, lots of people who have little to write about and no writing worth reading have blogs, blog and call themselves bloggers.)  However, the same rules apply to blogging a book as do to writing any other nonfiction book (or work of fiction for that matter). After all, even though you are composing your book post by post in cyberspace, you still are writing a book. Therefore, you must have a great, saleable idea with a big enough market to make it worth writing. You also need to know you have enough information to fill a book (a minimum of 20,000-30,000 words, which equates to an 80-100-page book) rather than enough to fill an article. Additionally, you need to be—or to become—the expert on your topic. (In some cases, this can be done simply by blogging and blogging well.) Plus, your blog/book must offer value to readers, or no one will show up more than once to read it.

If you and your subject matter meet all these criteria, you are ready and able to blog a book. If you don’t, you can still blog. You just may not want to blog a book. Nothing stops anyone, however, from blogging or from blogging a book. Anyone can register a blog and begin blogging with the intention of eventually completing a book manuscript.

That leads me to the next question: What subjects can (or should) you blog about?

(Check back here to discover the answer!)


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