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What’s Your Payoff for Not Writing? (Part 1)

Earlier this week I took a look at what stops writers from writing and publishing their work. I've also written about why writers don't promote themselves and their writing, something that also stops them from getting published. If you don't know why you don't write, don't attempt to get published or don't do the things necessary to become an author, such as building an author's platform, you need to ask yourself an important question: What's my payoff for this behavior?

What does not writing and not getting published earn you? Maybe it's the chance to remain anonymous, avoid your fear of success (or failure) or rejection, or get out of working hard. Maybe deep down in your heart you really don't want to become an author; maybe, for example, this was your father's dream for you that you adopted for yourself . By not promoting yourself or writing a word you get to live your dream of not becoming a writer or an author. These represent negative payoffs.

Today, spend some time answering this question really honestly. Answer it many times in many ways. Start the exercise by writing, "My payoff for _____ (Fill in the blank with the appropriate phrase, such as "not writing," "not promoting myself or my writing," or "not attempting to publish my work.") is...."

Once you have discovered your payoffs, you can then begin to work with these to help yourself achieve your writing goals--if you truly do want to write and to become published. By eliminating negative payoffs you can begin moving more easily towards your goals.