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How a Blog Helps you Write Your Book and Promote It at the Same time

Most writers don’t feel they can get their “real” writing done if they also blog. Not only that, they lump blogging in with social networking and all the other stuff they've been told they need to do to promote themselves and their books. They simply don't want to do these things. They take up time--time they could be spending writing.

In fact, if you blog, you can write your book and promote yourself and your book  and have time left over. How? By blogging your book.

That's right. Write your manuscript from scratch and publish it on your blog in post-sized bits. Then share the posts on your social networks. Viola! You've accomplished your writing, blogging, social networking, and promoting all at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Map out your book's content.
  2. Chunk that content down into 250-500 word pieces.
  3. Write every day, or several times a week, in short increments of time.
  4. Copy and paste those short bits of writing from your manuscript as blog posts on your blog each time you finish a writing period.
  5. Share your blog posts by including links to them with your status updates on your social networks.

With this plan, you'll get your manuscript written in no time flat. As you continuously publish blog posts, you will find yourself gaining fans and followers and your blog moving up in the search engine results pages . That means you will have developed an author’s platform. Not only that, you will have done some simple social networking along the way.

Don't believe this is true? How do you think Julie Powell (Julie & Julia), Christian Landers (Stuff White People Like) or, more recently, Jill Smokler (Confessions of a Scary Mommy) ended up with their book deals? They blogged their way to a book deal. Their successful blogs served as beacons to agents and publishers, who found them and offered them contracts. They didn't blog their books, though. They had to go back and "book" their blogs--repurpose the content and rewrite and revise. You can do it the easier way--the way I did it when I set out to blog a book about how to blog a book on www.howtoblogabook.com, my blog. I then landed a deal with Writer's Digest Books for the printed version of my blogged book. Why were they interested? I'd developed a small readership in the five months it took me to blog the first draft, my blog had achieved the coveted #1 spot in the Google search engine results pages and I had proven there was a market for the book. Plus, I'd built a bit of platform around the topic. The book, How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time was released just this month. (You can purchase here in the Red Room book store...)

So, if you feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to promote yourself and your work, and you feel those "other" activities get in the way of writing your book, try blogging your book. Let me know how it goes. In fact, I'm looking for stories from writers who have successfully blogged a book. Drop by www.howtoblogabook.com and find out how to tell me yours.

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This is very useful, thank

This is very useful, thank you!

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Blogged Book

Interesting strategy! Thanks for sharing your tips.

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You are welcome!

I hope you try this out!