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Blog Your Way to a Book Deal: How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Manuscripts on the Internet


Tuesday, March 13, 20, 27, April 3 @ 5-6 p.m. PST
Cost: $99
For more information: http://bit.ly/CWCteleseminars
This teleclass is offered over four consecutive weeks for one hour each week. You will incur a normal long-distance telephone charge for this teleclass.
*You will incur a normal long-distance telephone charge for this teleseminar.

If you pre-order a copy of How to Blog a Book, you will receive a discounted rate ($30 off).
To get the discount (and pay just $69), order your copy here: http://amzn.to/HTBAB.
Plus (if that were not enough…), enroll a friend and receive a FREE 20-minute blog coaching session with Nina (worth $20). That’s $50 in free stuff for signing up for this class.
To get the discount, order your copy here: http://amzn.to/HTBAB.
Then email a copy of the receipt to namir@copywrightcommunications.com. I’ll then send you instructions on how to register. Please hang onto your Amazon receipt. You’ll need to email it to me to get the discount and to enroll. No receipt, no discount. No exceptions…sorry.

Teleclass description:

Could your blog propel you into the world of traditional publishing success or provide you with a platform from which to self-publish your books successfully? YES!

Blogging provides the easiest and fastest way to write a book and promote it at the same time.

You can blog you way to a book deal or to a successfully self-published book...one post at a time.

Given the current state of traditional publishing, writers must creatively take their careers into their own hands and use the technology available. A blog provides an aspiring author with a powerful platform-building tool and a superb way to gain exposure to agents and publishers. The savvy writer, therefore, should learn: how to use blogging as a unique and fast way not only to write a book but to publish and to promote it as well one post at a time in cyberspace.

This teleclass is geared primarily towards nonfiction writers, but fiction writers also will find most of the tools offered applicable. It focuses upon blogging a book from scratch but will touch on repurposing existing blog posts into a book. How to set up a blog will not be covered in any type of technical detail.

In this teleclass you will learn:

How to evaluate your book idea for cyber and print writing and publishing
How to write blog posts to attract readers and create a manuscript concurrently
How to set up your blog for book blogging ease
How to promote using social media
What to do when you finish your manuscript
What to tell agents and publishers about your blog and blogged book
And more!

Here’s what one “How to Blog Your Way to a Book Deal” teleclass participant had to say:

"I enjoyed the tele-seminars that you gave for the last four weeks. I learned so much I didn’t know and revisited things I already knew. The questions from the others made me think of how I could improve my own writing. I especially liked the discussion on Social Media, which I am struggling to understand. It was helpful to be able to discuss it and get other views on Social Media. We all need a mentor, and you are mine. Thank you so much. It was well worth the small price to be a part of this seminar. Let me know when you have another and then sign me up." ~ Betty Kuhn

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