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7 Natural Oils For Revitalizing Hair, Skin And Nails

For centuries natural oils have been used to soothe, smooth and enhance skin complexions as well as aid in scalp, hair and nail nourishment.

Straight from their bottle or jar, these natural oils are excellent, inexpensive and chemical-free emollients. Natural oils can treat all types of skin, scalp, hair and nail issues. As bodyguards, they rescue dry, distressed skin and resurrect overprocessed, frizzy, limp and split-end-riddled locks. They come to the immediate aid of cracked cuticles and brittle nails. Natural oils tone, tighten, rejuvenate and preserve healthy skin, scalps and hair. And the following seven oils also function as conditioning makeup removers. Use them alone -- or add a teaspoon to your favorite shampoos, conditioners and body creams -- for all-over hydration and indulgence.

Find out about seven natural oils at AOL's Health Living.

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