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7 DIY Revitalizing Beauty Tips for Hair and Skin

Whether you've been vacationing in the sun, driving in your convertible dream machine, soaking up sun rays poolside, or playing in your garden, you must give love to the hair and skin you're in. Here are some simple head-to-toe DIY preventative and rescue remedies that I covet for distressed skin, hair, and scalp. Try them one at a time or make a day of it.

1. Soothe and condition that scalp.
If you forgot your hair coverage on a blistering day, your scalp probably needs some TLC. Whether it feels tight, dry, itchy, or slightly sunburned you must try this nourishing green tea and coconut oil remedy. Mix two cups of your favorite steeped green tea and cool, pour straight into your spray bottle, spritz your scalp generously, and let it set for five minutes. Next layer and lightly massage in a quarter size dollop of coconut oil straight from the jar to your scalp. Let this concoction seep in for 20 minutes or make it an all nighter. Rinse with tepid water then shampoo and condition. Such a simple, theraputic way to quench your scalp and arrest unmanageable scalp issues. Another bonus is that your hair also benefits and will boast extra shine.

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