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Just Beyond

From the bed of the stream,

Through the flow of the water,

I see the blue of the sky;

The glow of the sun      

And the wash of a moonlit night.


Colors drift by;

Sounds echo, almost familiar.

Shapes, moving and hovering,

Indiscernible through the water.


Like the world beyond Death,

Existing there,

Close to where we breathe;

Our senses, dull and un-tuned

Can almost perceive …


Something flows over us,

Obscuring, like the water.

We have but a mere impression,

Of beyond; a tease.


Those, who are not really lost, peer

In from the bank side,

Talking and pointing;

Staring down to the bed where

We lie looking up.


Spritely they move and hover, laughing,

Smiling, trying to tell us their secret,

As we wait weighed down, looking

Up from the bed of the stream.


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So cool...

I really enjoyed this. I bet everyone that reads it gets a slightly different impression from it... depending on what they want to see. I am impressed. It was nice to be swept away in deep thought.

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Thank you!

Thanks Rachel!

It is lovely to hear that you liked it and that you were 'swept away in deep thought.' It's made my day!

Nicola :-D