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Winston-Salem, NC
Oct 2009

I hail from Wales and currently live in North Carolina with my husband and son. I like moving and travelling, but I like having roots too and, thus far, the condradiction is working out ok!

I'm currently writing a non-fiction inspirational book about an elderly man I befriended as a teen and with whom I retained an almost 20 year relationship. It's a make you laugh and make you cry account, where the reader rides a very personal roller coaster of emotions set against the many twists and turns in the tale.

 I write poetry sporadically and recently had some fun with Haiku (it can get addictive!)

I will try and come back and write more about myself soon, but I have some domestic things to attend to right now ...


I want to come back to this section when I have more time.

Upcoming Works

"Finding Edgar"
My account of a seventeen year relationship with an elderly stranger who I befriended as a teenager, effectively saving his life.

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Silver-smithing; stained glass; photography; walking