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In The Dark

He turned the ignition key off as soon as he switched off the windscreen wipers. The drizzle had started way before he'd left the city limits.
He picked up the laptop ont he passenger seat, looked at it and then put it back.

The he got out of the car.

The front entrance was just a few steps away from where he had parked. He peered to the left to check if her car was inthe carport. It wasn't there. He shrugged off and paced steadily toward the entrance.
By instinct, he tried the door and it opened. It was all dark. The power went out at the firsy storm.
He gropped about as he entered the house. It was dark.
There was a shuffle coming from away in the living room. He stopped to listen, as he tilted his head to one side.
"Hello?" he called out.
There was no answer.
As he stepped into the lving room, he almost slipped. He must have stepped on some liquid. Water? He shrugged off again, proceeding to the fireplace area. He kept the flashlight on the mantelpiece for when the lights went out, as they usually did on rainy days.
Just as he reached out to grope for the flashlight ...