where the writers are

First of all
As much as I don't believe in preumbles,  I don't know what to call this. I hate the word "resolution"when it is used as a preposition for one's plans for the year ahead.
However, I guess am the victim of such sorts.
Today, I just decided that I should recover from the writing comatose that I have slambered in for almost 10 years. Like all comas, we get into them not by desire but by circumstances that we encounter in our daily lives. As much as this is a sort of perchance kind of happening, we at the same time facilitate such occurences. For me it has been my other work that took me into the writing slamber, if Imay be allowed to call it that.

To recover or not to recover
Thoughtnot the best, I think the analogy of a patient works out well.
It is the patient themselves who will help in their own recovery by way of adhering to positive steps thatare meant to keep them healthy.
I just decided that i can still dedicate a very good portion of my time to my lovely pastime and part-time occupation, something that i really love and enjoy doing: writing.
Simply put, I have chosen to recover from a 10-year writing comatose. Some stay there forever.
"He used to write," people would say with a melancholic streak of nostalgia.

Here I am
I hope I will be able to stick to this my resolution, not for the year ahead, but for my lifetime.