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Daily Random Digest #1: Waiting For The Police To Call
Random Obsessions is a bizarre book about mysterious places, strange diseases, hidden histories and more. It's chalk full of knowledge of the freakiest kind.

I'm waiting for the police to call me back.

As a journalist it's not always easy to get through to the authorities when you have a pressing question about a death for a news article. In this case, the death of a prominent real estate broker in Bakersfield who was found dead in the Kern River by a jogger.

I've already written two articles, one of them controversial. Two news tips and an interview later I am waiting on the police before I can write one of my pieces. Seems there might be an interesting item in the case. Key word: might. There's another article I will for sure write based on an interview today, a news tip, and a rather interesting document I uncovered.

In the meantime, I have been designing a cover for Bakotopia magazine to promote an article that Matt Munoz wrote about me and my book "Random Obsessions" that's finally out. These are exciting times for me as a writer. And that means exciting projects too.

In fact, as soon as I'm done posting this, I'm going to go work on a book of essays I'm tentatively titling "Shake Down: Attitudes, Strange Tales and Politic Ironies in California's Southern Central Valley." It's my first book of serious essays. Let's face it, "Random Obsessions" is entertainment in its purest form. One fan (Josie Renwah) even wrote today on Facebook, "Guess what I just got in the mail!!! A funky collection of random trivia that will no doubt remain on top the stack in the hallowed literary library by the throne and conjure obsession in readers young and old. Every throne library should have a copy!"

Yes, it's a book you can be a king or a queen to.