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A Collision With Vulnerability

Tuesday this week was not a good day. While in south London in the early evening the car my wife and I were travelling in was rear-ended as we paused on a congested road to let oncoming traffic go past. Luckily my wife and I are largely intact although we have been suffering the after–effects of whiplash but thankfully no serious injury or bones broken. Whiplash however is not pleasant but in the scheme of things not life threatening. Our car is under repair as are we.

But this experience just reminded me of how vulnerable we are. Life is precious. I re-learnt a new word this week: vulnerability. 

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You have my sympathy and understanding since my daughter and I were rear-ended this summer just driving through a small town on the highway.  Policeman there told us the guy did this sort of thing before, but oddly did not give him a ticket.  I think because the man was a disabled veteran, and he felt sorry for him  and because the man had good insurance.  I felt very sorry for the man too since  his car was much more damaged than ours.  Fortunately, Mary Ellen was not hurt at all.  Mary Ellen kept insisting I should go see a doctor, but it was Friday night and my doctor was not in, and I was determined not to go to ER if not necessary.  We needed to finish our original errand in the next town.  I also had to go back to another town and help our other daughter with MS after that.  But when I got home, I followed the suggestion of a nursing friend given long ago when she had whiplash, and so I took 3 prescribed pills left over from a wry neck. It worked like a charm, and I woke up in fine shape the next morning.  My husband--bless his heart--took over and did all the insurance contacting and choosing a body work shop for the car.  So I felt very blessed that except for the mental stress Mary Ellen and I experienced (a lot!), our accident turned out with few bad consequences.   I wish you and your wife and your car good repair!!

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Shared experience

Thank you Sue for taking the trouble to comment in such a generous way. Thank you also for the sympathy and I too am sorry that a similar kind of traffic mishap occurred to you and your family but that it had largely a good outcome except as I understand for the mental stress. I hope you guys are fully recovered now though. 

Even though my wife and I have experienced a minor car collision it just brought home to both of us how vulnerable we are as human beings and how upsetting these episodes can be in one's life.  

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Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your accident, Nicholas. Thankfully you are both okay although whiplash is not nice. I understand vulnerability too as it happens because last Tuesday, (not a good day it seems) my husband had to have emergency surgery on his eye, a torn retina. Fortunately it was caught in time before the retina detached completely. Goodness, you are hearing all our woes as poor Sue's experience sounds horrendous too. Funny how a day begins, normal enough, coffee and toast and out of the blue a twist appears in it that makes one thank the gods for good fortune. Be well. mx

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Being and Unbeing

Thank you Mary for taking the time to comment in such a supportive and understanding way. I'm happy to see that your husband's eye problem has been taken care of though I am sure that as you say at the start it must have been an unnerving experience. I hope your husband has made a complete recovery. You and your family stay well.

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Gerlad and I just watched something on TV as we ate lunch as a war photographer showed people in the aftermath of war and opening mass graves.  He did a superb job of capturing their grief and hardship.  Difficult to watch, but those people had to endure it.  So even our serious troubles (whip lash and detached retinas) pale in comparison and we realize how blessed we are.  (I think Gerald turned on that channel to avoid watching news.  We don't always agree on current events.)  We were watching the challenges someone had traveling and exploring in the Amazon, and it was interesting and entertaining.   Then suddenly the program ended and we were experiencing war's aftermath. Without speaking it, I think we both felt it would not be right to refuse to at least know and share for a few minutes the agony others less fortunate had gone through.   I am sure that was the photographers' intent, and I felt his work was holy work.

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Life is a risk

You're absolutely right Sue in that some of our personal troubles do pale in comparison as you say. But I do appreciate you reading my blog and responding in the thoughtful manner you have. Thank you.