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Feb 2010

An Ivy League graduate and a former A.A.U. National Karate champion, Nicholas Kardaras is a survivor of the uber-chic New York nightlife scene where he owned several of the hottest and hippest Manhattan clubs of the 8os and 90s. Profiled in New York Magazine, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, GQ and Vogue, his clubs were frequented by the likes of Tom Cruise, Uma Thurman and John F. Kennedy Jr. Glamorous yet empty, the velvet-roped fast lane would almost kill him as he found himself comatose and on life-support after a near-fatal overdose. Upon emerging from his coma, he experienced a spiritual awakening and became determined to transform his life. While getting he clean and sober, he decided to go back to graduate school where he first earned a masters degree in social work and then a Ph.D. in psychology.  During this transformative journey, he would discover the power and transcendent beauty of the Greek metaphysical philosophy of Plato and Pythagoras and would develop a self-growth method based on this ancient wisdom. Today, Dr. Kardaras is a respected university professor and caring pschotherapist who lives a very different sort of life than he had as an addicted nightclub owner. His first book, "The Greek Miracle: How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life" has been sold to Weiser Books/Conari Press with an anticipated winter 2010 publication date.        

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