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I Lost Snow...

The weather here in Valtellina, dissecting the Italian Alps absolutely blows right now.

The skies are as blue as the tropical waters of a South Pacific atoll.

But blue should be black.

The sun is shining in my bloody window every morning, blinding me in a very wrong way.

I, however, want to be rightly blinded by a polar white-out.

Birds may well be singing outside, I don't know - I've got steam coming out my ears.

The birds can sing all they want, new life shouldn't be going on just yet.

There's no minus in front of the mornings temperature.  

If the day is starting any where above zero, hell, it's not even worth rising.

I can hear burbling water surging down the mountain in the nearby river.

Running water?  It should be as frozen bleedin' tundra.

And there isn't a cloud in to be seen, anywhere across the horizon - north or south.  Not even a white one.

It's winter in the Alps.

Where the hell is the fresh snow?

Have I lost it already, this snow?  I only got here twelve days ago...

My snowboard is turning rusty.