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Jewball: Chapter One...

...Is now available in a free preview edition from the Amazon Kindle Store. Download, read, enjoy, and spread the word!

Thanks to the great Dan Shepelavy for the fantastic cover art.



Here's the jacket copy:


A Novel By Neal Pollack

From the bestselling satirist and memoirist Neal Pollack comes a funny, gritty noir portrait of a people on the brink and of a great American game just coming into its own.

1937. As the world prepares for war and the Jews of Europe feel the tightening noose of Nazi oppression, tensions simmer in America. While thousands of homegrown Nazis gather in groups like the German-American Bund, American Jews organize against this scourge, resisting any way they can. Meanwhile, the game of basketball grows in popularity, and Jews rule the court. In Philadelphia, the greatest Jewish basketball team of all prepares to confront the Bund, fists cocked. Here, the Jews write the rules. This is war. This is sports. This is...