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Short Story 365:34

For my most recent review for Erotica Revealed, I got an anthology of vampire erotica, Coming Together: In Vein. Now, one of the first lines of the editor's introduction is basically, “Not another vampire book....” and that made me chuckle.

I'll mention briefly here that the anthology was fresh and interesting and the vampires weren't at all stale (which is saying something) and that I enjoyed the anthology.

But it did remind me of my favourite vampire, Derek Maclaine.

"Wolf Moon/Hunger Moon," by Jeff Mann

When I found out that Jeff Mann was going to be in Erotica Exotica and that it was going to be a Derek story, I may have done some Kermit-armed flailing. I adore this character, and quite frankly I don't think there's anyone out there who does BDSM edged erotica like Mann. The mix is always heady.

The story here is of Derek and his human husbear bumping into a man who - it turns out - is as much monster as Derek himself, though in a different way. That this particular beastie's blood affects Derek in an unusual way is just icing on the cake, and the accumulation of strength and lust the three men gather is a damn fine trip. I love that this vampire is so unusual - an ancient Scot, a lover of nature and whiskey, a dominant bear - and all the Derek stories hit the mark. Those stories, by the way, are almost all collected in their own volume: Desire & Devour: Stories of Blood & Sweat.

Go sink your teeth in.