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Short Stories 365:90

Today, I sent off the draft of the novel. And there was much rejoicing. My confidence level is about where I expected it to be (low) but I know that I'm in the hands of a phenomenal editor and a publishing house that I adore, so my worry level is better than where I expected it to be. Also - and I've been told this is insane - I love the editing phase.

I've certainly learned something about myself throughout this, though. One - I'm not sure how soon I'll even think of trying this novel thing again. I say that, but I do have a Triad novel bubbling away in my head and who am I kidding? Still, it's going to be short stories for a while. Until a certain vampire, demon and wizard get too loud.

Said wizard got his turn to tell the story in Erotica Exotica, where I'll be stopping by for today's story.

"The Raiders," by Evan Gilbert

Apart from taking place in one of my favourite places on the planet - New Orleans - the set-up for Evan Gilbert's short story is that of a young man who has heard of one of the above-ground tombs from which the city gains some of its amazing charm. Said tomb of a pair of men might hold a small fortune in jewels. Grabbing a partner in crime, the young man attempts some grave robbing.

Thing is, in the pages of Erotica Exotica, you can always count on some wayward magic to complicate things, and for these two would-be defilers of the dead, they soon learn the graves might not be as dead as advertised. Those who enter would do well to think about the cost of leaving again.

I loved this story for the turnabout, and for the slice of romantic "aww" factor tucked in at the end. Even necromancy can make you gush, it turns out.