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Short Stories 365:9

Skipping past my own stories is a kind of tradition when I talk about anthologies. Way back when Fool For Love came out and I walked story by story through the anthology I paused when I got to my own tale, and decided to skip it. Feels weird to chat up about your own stuff.

All that to say the next story in Night Shadows is mine. Skipping on by, however, we find ourselves walking the streets in the 90's with a woman who has been alive for one hundred and fifty years.

And who hopes to make it through the next few days without truly dying...

"Saint Louis 1990," by Jewelle Gomez

If you've not met Gilda before, you might want to nab a copy of The Gilda Stories, which won not one but two Lammies. If you don't, however, it doesn't matter. The incredibly wonderful vampires you're about to meet are phenomenally self-contained in the story itself (I came at this character all backwards, through a couple of other stories, with various times, before moving back to the beginning).

The horror in this story comes from the fear of retribution aimed at someone Gilda loves, and is there any greater fear than the fear for a loved one? It's wonderfully written, brilliantly captures a decade and time (as all the Gilda stories do) and it was a joy to revisit the character.