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Short Stories 365:89

I realized today while I was taking my jotted notes and putting them together into a review for Erotica Revealed that I've actually broken past my one year mark there - I started back at the tail end of 2011, and here we are in 2013. How did that happen?

One thing that's been amazing about said gig, however, is how I've bumped into authors and stories I'd never have picked up if left to my own devices, be that due to not connecting with the cover artwork or just looking at the write-up and thinking it might not be for me. I've been pleasantly surprised on more than a few occasions, and I've learned to never say never.

The latest collection I just finished was Leather Ever After, a collection of kinky fairy tales, and is totally a case in point.

"Each Step for Him," by Lee Harrington

Since this is Short Stories 365, I'm only going to post about one particular story from this collection (but definitely check it out, especially if you're a fan of kind, leather, and/or fairy tales). This is the first story of the collection, and it begins where the Little Mermaid ends, giving her a brother, and envisioning a version of the story where this young mermaid falls hard for a leather man and faces a similar trial: what must be given up to live on land with the man he loves?

The clever twist to the “every step the pain of a thousand knives” and the ultimate scene of the tale left me grinning and tantalized with a view of a community I don’t know well - and the fact that the story is salty in ways that have nothing to do with the sea certainly doesn't hurt.