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Short Stories 365:67

The Finalists of the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards have been announced, so I thought I'd the next couple of weeks to visit some of the anthologies among the finalists. Some of these collections I already own, and some of them have been sitting untouched beside my bed or on my bookshelves for way too long. Some I didn't have, but I'll be rectifying that.

In the category of "Gay Erotica" is a collection I have read, but when I wrote a review about the collection, somehow I missed speaking about the novella that ended the anthology.

"A Thirst for Talent," by Jerry L. Wheeler

"A Thirst for Talent" rounds out the wonderful collection Strawberries and Other Erotic Fruit, finishing the collection with a wonderfully fresh take on vampires. These predators don't drink blood but siphon off the energy of the talented - something that will eventually lead to the death of the talent, but in the hands of Warner, the protagonist of the tale, can first spin into a great career and much fame. Spotting Wade, a guitarist who might be the next font of talent, Warner begins the process of setting him on the right track - until Seth, a rival vampire with whom Warner has a past, comes to the city as well.

The ending is sure to shock you, and I have to say I want to see more from these unusual vampires. The collection as a whole is definitely worth your time - my review of the rest of the book is here.