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Short Stories 365:5

I don't fear much, and if I do fear things, I try to meet them face-on if I can. I used to hate heights - so I went bungee-jumping. And sky-diving. I'm not so afraid of heights any more.

But there are some fears you can't beat. Like losing someone.

"A Fear of Flying" by J. Allen Scott

This is one of the five stories included in the small anthology Red, edited by Kris Goldsmith. The notion of the anthology is pretty neat: five authors were given a single cue: an abandoned red scarf at the side of the road (spied by the editor) and they each delivered a story around that scarf.

"A Fear of Flying" was my favourite of the bunch. It's the story of a man who can escape anything, at any time (quite literally, as he can teleport) - but is facing something horrible that escape can't fix. That the fellow in question is gay was nice "extra" for me, since it's not so often I bump into gay characters unless the anthology in question is gay themed.