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Short Stories 365:46

I have one more day until I'm off for a week. Said week is mostly going to be about writing, but I really can't wait for the ability to sleep in a bit. Tonight I bumped into yet another discussion of the whole Orson Scott Card penning a part of Superman's story where people were saying that it was wrong to try and constrain his freedom of speech and so I took a deep breath and had a glass (or three) of wine. I did find someone else who penned a very eloquent post about why this whole issue with Orson Scott Card, Superman, and the petition to ask DC to drop him has nothing at all to do with his freedom of speech. That made me feel a bit better.

Also, three glasses of wine.

In said mindset, however, I was happy to see that the next story in Tales from the Den is in a similar frame of mind.

"Saving Tobias," by Jeff Mann

Ah, Derek Maclaine. Jeff Mann's vampire is a great way to wash out the foul taste of bigotry from the mouth. With blood. And no better a tale to do it with than "Saving Tobias." Derek Maclaine is Mann's Scottish pagan vampire with a taste for rope alongside his thirst for blood (and vengeance). If you've not read any of the Derek Maclaine tales before, this is a great story to start with, as it captures the tones - and Mann's phenomenal poetic voice - of the vampire perfectly.

Without ruining anything, "Saving Tobias" is about a meeting between Derek Maclaine and a former country musician turned politician who has helped guide some of the hateful laws of the land. The "discussion" is satisfying, to say the least, and in good company among the darker stories in Tales from the Den. It was the perfect story to revisit after a day pondering the bigoted Orson Scott Card.

(Sidenote: if you do want to immerse yourself in the freaking wonderful Derek Maclaine stories by Jeff Mann, there's a collection that pulls together almost all the appearances of the vampire called Desire and Devour.)