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Short Stories 365:40

Today I found out that Carnal Machines by D.L. King is now available at Audible. The fact that LGBT titles are available as audiobooks makes me so damned happy. I read and reviewed Carnal Machines for Erotica Revealed a while back, and I loved it. The audio has two readers - one male, one female - and I'm looking forward to listening to the stories.

I should point out that D.L. King is the force behind the existence of Erotica Revealed and basically, therefore, my boss. So I got to review a collection of stories by the boss on the site I'd just started reviewing for. No pressure.

In honor of the news of the audio, I thought I'd delve back into my revisit of the audiobook version of Fool for Love.

"Matchmaker," by Shawn Anniston

Originally, I had this to say about Shawn Anniston's "anti-romance" romance: In the style of the best grumpy romance, Mr. Anniston introduces us to an absolutely avowed romance-athiest. That he's living with two lesbians who are convinced they can find a Mr. Right for him only stirs the pot, and - here comes that word again - the witty dialog made me grin all the way through. Mr. Anniston has a knack for making you easily relate to his characters.

The performer for this story - Roman M. Wagar - is just freaking wonderful. The various degree of snark that he injected into the ongoing voice of "Matchmaker" was sublime. I chuckled, burst out laughing, and snickered at all the right parts, and the performance really added to the joy of the telling of the tale. The Peanuts (the lesbian couple that the fellow lives with) were lovely supporting cast the first time I read this, but aloud Wagar reminded me of just how freaking adorable they were.

Everyone should have the joy of hearing their story performed well.