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Short Stories 365:4

I've always loved a good ghost story.

Ghosts, echoes, imprints - whatever you want to call them, they've always been a favorite of mine. I think it's the notion that we there's enough magic or spirit or soul in the world to give us a wee bit longer than mortality - long enough to say a proper farewell, or to pass along words that are needed, or to protect someone.

Of course, the reverse might also be true...

"The Roommate" by Lisa Girolami

The next tale in Night Shadows: Queer Horror is Lisa Girolami's "The Roommate." A woman's budding romance is moving just a bit quicker than perhaps she might like - thanks to some financial distress on the part of her new girlfriend - and a few bumps in the night of her old home make her turn to EVP. EVP, or "electronic voice phenomenon" is where you record white noise, but upon playback, the electromagnetic influence of a spirit leaves a voice on the tape.

Except the words on the EVP aren't kind ones, and there's a maliciousness invading the home. Every recording seems to grow darker, and soon it's not just noises on a tape that are threatening her.