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Short Stories 365:323

Whenever I step back into Friend. Follow. Text.:#storiesFromLivingOnline I can't help but put a filter on my day and consider the various ways technology played a role. To whit: today, one of my cash registers went a bit wonky. I opened a heat ticket to remotely tell someone at my home office that there was a problem. They emailed IT. IT contacted - via e-mail - our tech service provider, and he got a text. He arrived at the store, took a picture of what turned out to be the problem part and sent it to his warehouse, where someone looked at the piece and found a replacement. He came back in the afternoon to install it.

There are so many different pieces of technological communication going on there, I can't help but shake my head, but if it hadn't been for this anthology, I doubt I'd have stopped to consider it.

"Three Tuesdays from Now," by Shawn Syms

I've been lucky enough to share a table of contents with Shawn a few times now, as well as having met him face-to-face in New Orleans (because as Canadians in different cities, that seemed to be the place to say hello). When he puts together a short fiction piece, I always know I'm going to find the envelope pushed, and this was no exception.

In "Three Tuesdays from Now" the tale walks through a few characters, dipping into their thoughts and weaving their connections in a stream not unlike a kind of written "Slacker" but with more sex, franker characters, and the singular notion of a Craiglist "date" where money changes hands. I don't want to ruin any of the character revelations, but I will say that I found everyone in the tale delightfully bent. These are people that felt real to me in a way that reminded me of people I knew, people with scars or illnesses or disabilities that didn't fit the role those characteristics are "supposed" to entail.

This story is a glimpse of a few key moments, with just enough context to form a cohesive whole. Like so much well-written short fiction, it's also a tale that leaves you wondering and wanting, but satisfied for the moment.