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Short Stories 365:3

I fell behind sometime in November discussing all the stories from Night Shadows: Queer Horror. The real world horror of retail snuck in, and I did what I had to do - y'know, go to work, smile, maintain the facade that I wasn't exhausted or frustrated and genuinely attempt to make everyone's day a bit better and solve their problems.

Much like the character Dale in the next story.

"All the Pretty Boys" by Michael Rowe.

A pick-up. Young cute fellow, "older" man (in his thirties, which, to the young guy is - of course - downright elderly), motorcyle and leather. Start of a sweaty tale, no?


The variety of stories in Night Shadows: Queer Horror really drew me in. Rowe's story was a darker turn, where the monster in the story isn't the horrible slavering beast that you associate with the word, but instead the answer to a simple question: "what would you do for love?"

The veneer of kindness over top the horror here is disturbing. What I mean will become clear when you read the tale, but it certainly left me shivering. Well done, Mr. Rowe.