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Short Stories 365:282

Long day today - my husband's birthday dinner after a day of meetings that began at 7:30a and ended around 5:15p and was followed by an hour and a half on the bus to get to said dinner...

And that's all I got.

"Dust Angels," by Jennifer Brozek

Once again from Beyond the Sun, this short story has a wonderful counterpoint to it - on the one hand, you are in the present, where something terrible is happening on a colony world, and an older woman with a group of frightened children has taken shelter and is keeping the children calm by telling them a story.

On the other hand is the story she is telling, which is about the history of the colony, and something that happened to her - something which no one ever speaks of. Until now.

To say these two stories come to a wonderful alignment in an unusual way I was not at all expecting would be understating a bit, but it's the character development that Brozek does so well. This older woman (and the young girl she used to be) coexist in the story as the narratives unfold in a way that spoke volumes of world-building without actually speaking volumes.