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Short Stories 365:254

Today is my mother's birthday, and by a fierce alignment of the stars, the small package I sent her arrived today. A wipe of the forehead was in order for that one, because I'd screwed up my dates and thought it was going to arrive tomorrow. For obvious reasons, I try to make sure something pleasant happens on my mother's birthday.

Speaking of family, I also finished T.J. Klune's wonderful Bear, Otter, and the Kid via audible.com. Wonderful book. If you're at all a fan of unique "created family" stories and love a gay good romance (that is in parts sexy) I'd give it a go.

"Our Warm Peach," by Charles Lowe

This story is also deft tale of family, told from the point of view of a very intelligent son who - despite the smarts - is caught in his clever plan at re-arranging the grade curve in his class, and thus having to be at home for a while. There, he learns that his father is not just the dumpy man who works at his garden after long shifts at work, and that his family, like so many other things, could be far more complicated.

And he might also have a shot at stopping something from happening that could change everything - simply by using his father's cell phone.

The voice of this story begins almost callously, but the cautious and tentative narrative that unfolds is all the more rewarding for the journey. Again, Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline left me smiling.