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Today has been incredible.

One - it's my seven year anniversary of the day I was lucky enough to marry this guy. That's the biggest thing, obviously.

Two - the box of my author copies of my novel arrived. I couldn't help myself - I've set up a giveaway for four copies of the book. You can click here and enter the Goodreads giveaway for Light.

My cup, as they say, is runnething all over the place.

"Scorned," by Jeffrey Ricker

When it comes to my writing career, Jeffrey Ricker is like my big brother. We're mostly on the same trajectory, but he got there a little faster than me and even though I'm younger, he's better looking and still has his hair. If he wasn't such a nice guy, it would be irritating. As it is, we often share stories, show each other drafts of our work, and give each other feedback in the way of all brothers (ie: honest and blunt).

In the case of this story, I got to read different versions of the initial tale. I watched this character and this story evolve into a wonderfully dark story of a man with electrical power who is now held in a jail that prevents him from using his abilities. He's being grilled by a cold psychologist and his life is far from a good one. Trapped. Broken. Powerless.


But sometimes opportunities come even to those who seriously don't deserve them.

Somehow bitterly enjoyable, this story makes you feel a little guilty for feeling just a bit of glee at where it takes you.