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Short Stories 365:245
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Damn, but this cold has knocked me on my butt. I'm not often one to catch a cold - usually my maladies are headaches - so I handle it in a truly masculine fashion: I whinge and mope and sit in my pajamas. My husband is brilliant about it, of course, and brings me tea and tries to make me feel better and leaves me alone in the perfect ratio.

I'm just glad it hit yesterday and today so I might feel better for work tomorrow. Though even though I felt like crap, I did just go stand in the rainstorm to try and cool down. Now my pajamas are wet.

Totally worth it. It was the best fun I've had in two days worth of feeling miserable.

"The Nights Nefarious," by Rod M. Santos

Speaking of fun while feeling miserable, the next story in The Lavender Menace is freaking hilarious - and suitably bittersweet.

Here we meet Muse, a gay villain who - well, let's face it - isn't exactly a supervillain because his power is to bring inspiration to others, and that's not exactly going to stop the world in its tracks, no? Thing is, he has used his powers mostly to aid another supervillain, and for that supervillain's birthday - and to finally get that supervillain to love and notice him - he's decided upon one course of action: he's going to assemble a team who can take down the superhero who has plagued his partner for years.

The group he assembles aren't the A-listers. They're not the B-listers either. If there's such a thing as the M or N-listers, they'd still have something up on the group that Muse assembles, but Muse has a good plan, and it might just get him everything he's ever wanted.

Or, y'know, killed in the attempt.

If you've ever wanted to know what would happen if you were bitten by a radioactive chocolate bunny, then this tale is for you.