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Short Stories 365:24

It's no secret that I love stories with a paranormal twist. I don't have the math on-hand, but the vast majority of things I've written have at least a trace of something psychic, magical, or otherwise otherworldly to them. When Richard Labonté collected Erotica Exotica I was very hyper to be a part of the collection. I got to write a story from the point of view of Curtis, the wizard I'd introduced in Blood Sacraments, and I had the honour of being the first tale in the collection.

Skipping by me, the next tale in the collection is by a wonderful lady I've had the pleasure of meeting in New Orleans at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival.

"Ghost Town," by Dale Chase

Two things bear mentioning right off the bat. One, Dale Chase has fast become my go-to for sexy gay tales told in different eras. I've yet to come across a better western writer, and her Victorian collection, The Company He Keeps is superb. Two, she's my answer to everyone who says 'can women write gay fiction?' Most assuredly.

"Ghost Town" is - by virtue of the magic involved - both a historical and a modern-day tale, a western and a contemporary all rolled into one. A spirit long trapped to live out witnessing the past (in which he was gunned down) comes across a young gay couple who are visiting the broken shell of the once vibrant gold-rush town. A connection occurs, and with the deft prose that I always love from Dale Chase, this voice from the past meets a vibrant present and the result is as much magical as it is erotic.

Which is of course the point of the whole collection. No surprise that Dale Chase is more than up to the task.